High Safety Fabrication

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A new client approached us with a new product and an aggressive “go to market” strategy. The main issue for them was the need to develop a concept with a strict design criteria and to a high-level specification in a timely manner. This required us to adapt to a new style of manufacturing but built on the solid expertise and experience we had within our teams and reacting quickly to meet the clients demands. The fundamental issues for us were the logistics of handling work that was much larger in scale than we were used to, integrating into a fledgeling supplier network and implementing the FPC (Factory Production Controls) accreditation.


Firstly, in response to the nature of the new work, we quickly adopted and modified our existing processes, including re-mapping our shop-floor for suitability and capacity requirements and creating ‘holding’ bays to facilitate additional storage needs. We also had to establish and work within a new supplier network where there are a number of key sub-dependencies critical to achieving the overall end product.


Having established a ‘line of production’ we have been able to service and support an ongoing and increasing order schedule that Is ready to meet new demands going forward. Our ability to meet the challenges has successfully supported the clients market strategy and delivered high-quality products meeting exacting safety standards. We are still in the process of achieving full FPC accreditation but along with our existing certification, primarily ISO90001(see Policy docs), we hope and intend to have this completed this by March 2020.

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