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As part of our long-term partnership with Morgan Motor cars, we were asked to assist in the challenge of developing a “Bonded Chassis” that met their needs for improving performance and pioneering manufacturing methods. Starting from a point where no skills or experience existed, we had to quickly understand and develop these factors as well as sourcing specialised equipment and materials. This project was further complicated by the fact that there were no known processes or Test and Training plans in existence.


To meet these requirements meant we had to develop a “Bonded Cell” which was effectively a ‘clean-air environment’ with a car-sized oven, hand-made jigs and fittings. Our highly qualified craftsmen used their experience to develop a new ‘skill-set’ that enabled them to produce an innovative chassis that met all the tests and stringent requirements of the design.

We also raised significant capital investment to facilitate this project.


In doing this we effectively provided 18 years of full production in a single model. In particular, we received recognition for our ‘prototyping’ work and have gone on to provide this level of support in many other instances and specifically with Morgan. We continue to collaborate with this client on other projects today.

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