End-to-End Manufacturing: How Radshape can Take a Sketch Design Through to the Finished Product

End-to-End Manufacturing

Founded in 1967, Radshape was initially known as Radiator Shaping Services. This company specialized in shaping central heating radiators to fit in inaccessible parts of the car, such as bay windows. Today, Radshape has seen significant strides and has reached important milestones, such as working with Bentley Motors on the manufacture of the Queen’s official car. Radshape is an end-to-end manufacturing business, providing services from designing, tooling, and laser cutting to welding, assembly, bonding, and machining. Down below, you’ll find some further information regarding Radshape and how we can take a design from an initial sketch right through to a finished product.

What are the Benefits of end-to-end Manufacturing?

Probably the most important benefit of end-to-end manufacturing is the personal service. A close relationship will be established between yourself and your Radshape team, preventing any miscommunication, incompatibilities between suppliers, and conflict. Advice and continued support will be provided throughout the entire process, and end-to-end manufacturing will ensure that an immensely high level of quality is maintained throughout the whole design and manufacturing journey.

By having everything done under one roof, there will be a quicker completion of your component, saving you valuable time by being as efficient as possible. Your completed components will be delivered to your customers more promptly, increasing customer satisfaction on your end as well.

Instead of outsourcing each part of the component manufacturing process to different companies and receiving more than a few bills, you’ll be saving loads by having the entire process handled by one provider.

Why Should you Choose Radshape?

Radshape welcomes new sketches and new ideas. After receiving the design from you, we hand it over to our component CAD design team, who then uses the sketch to create a detailed 3D design. Alternatively, if your design is more complete, we utilize expertise and factory floor experience to perfect the sketch until it meets your requirements and standards perfectly.

As mentioned before, Radshape is the destination for all your needs, saving you loads of time and effort by offering a wide variety of services to accommodate your project. Radshape takes your design and carries it through to the final product, providing you with a single point of communication and ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. Radshape also has extensive experience creating prototypes based on your sketch, no matter how simple or complex, to ensure it ticks all the right boxes.

End-to-end manufacturing will allow a partnership between you and your Radshape team, providing you with the resources to see your idea through to the very end. By being part of the process, you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way, ensuring everyone is well informed and up to date with where the process is in the production line.


When it comes to your ideas and designs, you deserve to receive the best service in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. And, if it’s all under one roof, then all the better. What could Radshapes end-to-end service do to help with your component manufacturing needs? Contact us today by filling out the contact form below. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0) 121 242 3323 or email us at sales@radshape.co.uk to speak to one of our experts to find out more information.

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