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How to Choose the Right Metal Fabrication Company

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Choosing a Metal Fabrication Company Man Welding

If you're seeking a metal fabrication provider for a project, choosing the right company may not be as straightforward as you think. Large or small, there are factors that you should consider when planning your project. With so many metal fabrication providers competing for your custom, what do you need to look out for when choosing the right company? Here we’ll cover some of the key considerations when choosing the right metal fabricators for your needs.


Although we must all start somewhere, it helps to know how long the company has been operating. Whilst the length of time a business has been running is no measure of quality, you can ascertain their experience in the metal fabrication industry by the experience gained through past projects. Understanding the types of projects they have completed in the past will give you a better understanding of their specialities and help you decide if they are able to align with your specific needs. If you find a company that has experience with projects very similar to yours, you will start off on the right foot.

Financial Stability

Stability, especially in these uncertain times, is crucial. You need to know that a company you are dealing with has a significant amount of financial stability to be able to see projects through to the end, delivering what is agreed upon on-time. Not only should you have a grasp of the fabricator’s stability, but also on how their supply chain is coping.

When you consider Radshape secured an automotive deal with the likes of major automotive companies Bentley and Aston Martin after receiving a funding boost from Lloyds Commercial Banking - something like this will give you peace of mind in knowing that you're working with a metal fabrication company that practices sound financial approaches but are also given a credible seal of approval.

Quality Control

The final outcome is all about quality. As such, you may not get a true understanding of the shop's quality standards until after the project is completed. But you can evaluate quality control through a few simple practices. You can look for references from other customers or request a look at some of their previous works. If you get an idea of how they operate, you will become comfortable in knowing whether you want to enter into a working relationship with them.

A reputable fabrication company will pride itself on the quality of work it produces, but you should also consider reputation gained through positive word-of-mouth. When you start to gather a wide variety of opinions pointing towards customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that the quality of work produced is to a high standard.


Proximity to your project is not necessarily a deciding factor, but if you can find out where they are located and the areas they commonly provide to, this might make for a quicker and cheaper turnaround in terms of transportation. Using a UK manufacturer will certainly save money on shipping. Many companies choose a metal fabrication company purely based on the financial aspects but you must consider overall value across the board. Paying for services slightly further afield may be a better investment.

Metal Fabrication Equipment

If you see metal fabricators with a wide variety of services, it's likely they have invested in themselves. Companies that return some of their profits back into the business are more focused on improving efficiency and quality, but will also have cutting edge technology at their disposal.


Finding the right metal fabricator for your project will enable you to work more efficiently and ultimately save you money in the process. In the long run, finding a company to build a strong, long-lasting, working relationship with is the best outcome you could hope for.

Radshape, established in 1967, is a metal fabrication company based in Birmingham, the industrial heart of the UK. We offer a range of metal fabrication services from Assembly to Welding. Contact our friendly team today either by emailing sales@radshape.co.uk or by calling +44 (0) 121 242 3323. We’re here and happy to help.