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What Aluminium Services can we offer?

We’re experts at working with sheet metal, that simple description covers an extremely wide range of materials. Clients come back to us time after time because we provide an end to end service in-house, from design and prototyping through to manufacture and delivery. We can offer this service thanks to our state of the art facilities, a team of highly experienced and expert designers, technicians and engineers, and the ability to work with a wide range of materials. As well as specialist substances like stainless steel and brass, this includes the highly versatile metal aluminium.

What have we used Aluminium for?

Bonded structures

Body in white (BIW)

Vehicle panels

Welded structures and fabrications


Ladder Brackets {new legislation)






Automotive Window Frames

An introduction to Aluminium

Although it was only isolated as relatively recently as 1825, aluminium is actually the third most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. It is an incredibly versatile substance which shares many characteristics with substances such as steel and brass, in that it can be melted, formed, cast and machined, and is also able to conduct electricity. Where it differs is in being extremely lightweight, something which makes it the material of choice for a wide range of industries. The other properties offered by aluminium are as follows:

to Corrosion

Natural aluminium contains an oxide coating that prevents the environment impacting on the metal. Aluminium alloys are not as corrosion resistant as pure aluminium, except for magnesium aluminium, which is often used for marine applications.

Heat and Electricity

The fact that aluminium is very good at conducting electricity makes it the material of choice for applications such as power lines, while its heat conductivity properties make it ideal for applications which require heat to be taken away for rapid cooling, such as LED lights and computer motherboards.


Aluminium can be formed into a variety of shapes and has a low melting point. This makes it ideal for using in sheets, foils and wires, and highly versatile when complex components are being manufactured.

and Odourless

The fact that aluminium is air and water-tight and has no natural odour makes it the ideal material for packaging sensitive items such as food and medicines.

Common applications of Aluminium

Foil wrap
Bicycle frames
Computer parts
Car trims
Window frames

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