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Our Commitment to the environment

We are BS ISO 14001:2004 certified and are keenly aware of the responsibility which we have to protect the environment surrounding us as well as that in which the members of our teamwork. We know that delivering excellent results consistently isn’t enough on its own and that we have to do so in a way which protects the health and safety of our work-force and the integrity of the wider environment. It’s not an exaggeration to say that doing everything we can in this regard is vital in order to protect the future of our planet and the well-being – and even survival – of the generation growing up now and those which will follow.

We take into account the impact of everything we do, from cutting and assembly to fabrication, packaging and transportation. An understanding of the environmental impact of what we do then feeds into our business decision making. It’s not simply about ticking the right boxes as far as we’re concerned, but rather about going above and beyond in order to make a genuine difference.

Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

Monitor our environment performance and develop programmes for improvement and prevention of pollution.

Make continual, measurable progress with these programmes.

Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements.

Have a system for setting and reviewing objectives and targets to improve our environmental performance.

Document, implement and maintain procedures to support this environmental policy.

This is our environmental policy and to ensure its effectiveness we will do the following:

Review it annually, or on significant changes in our business.

Make any changes known to employees.

Maintain procedures for communication and consultation between all levels of staff.

We recognise our environmental stewardship to be a long-term commitment. This policy is authorised by the Radshape Board of Directors and published on their behalf. It is an expected commitment of every employee.

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