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Radshape operate a highly reactive Quality Control department

For example, we record Non-Conformances irrespective of the source of concern i.e. Customer, internal or Supplier, our remit is to respond to Quality Problems irrespective of the source of concern, our aim is to identify the root cause of the Quality Problem utilising the knowledge within the Company, we accurately determine what Corrective and Preventative Action must be taken to ensure no further Non-Conformities.

We fully appraise other components which could be affected by similar problems, we ensure that both the Corrective and Preventative Action is instigated and ensure that the root cause of the problem has been fully eradicated.

We believe it’s vital to determine the monitoring process for future batches to ensure that the actions taken have been successful, finally, we close off the Non-Conformity once the successful implementation of the actions and future batches are acceptable.

Here are a few of the questions, and follow up actions that form part of any in-depth investigation

When did it happen?

When will it be rectified?

Where did it happen?

Who was responsible?

What has happened? 

What has caused the problem?

What corrective action are we taking?

What preventative action are we taking long term? 

What other parts are affected by the problems

Why did it happen?

How did it happen? 

How do we ensure it will not happen again? 

How do we monitor the actions?

Show me you have implemented all the actions

It is essential to get to the root cause of the problem

Nothing but the best – Each and every time

We are extremely proud of the high levels of quality which we offer to each and every client. Our clients in specialised industries such as the automotive and marine sectors know that they can trust us to deliver components which meet the strictest possible standards for safety, performance and durability. One of the reasons why we can promise to meet this standard is that we handle every aspect of production in-house. From the first CAD/CAM design, through to the machining, forming, welding or laser cutting needed to create a prototype, and then on to full production, every stage of a project is handled by members of the Radshape team.

We’ve built that team by carefully selecting people who combine the right skills and experience with an attitude which is always looking for continuous improvements. From the moment goods come into our purpose-built facility through the processes that we use to deliver the final product, everything is checked and monitored to ensure that it meets the original customer specifications, and will be fit for the intended purpose. We make use of state of the art equipment such as co-ordinate measuring and tensile testing machines in order to ensure that the results of our monitoring are accurate, and our standards are never allowed to slip.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our insistence on the highest standards has resulted in us being awarded the following quality marks:



Unipart Grade A

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Members

Bentley Motor Cars Approved

Morgan Motor Cars Approved

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