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What can we offer you?

We help our customers by providing an assembly solution, be it parts made from various materials and utilising a variety of our skills or a combination of in-house manufacture with that of supplied or bought in parts.

Great examples of this are automotive windscreen and sidescreens. Our precision engineered parts combining with the glass to provide the finished article.

We offer a one-stop, in house service that covers every stage of manufacturing, encompasses a range of materials and includes specialised facilities such as
machining, CAD/CAM design and polishing, this means that we can take on wide-ranging projects of this kind whilst keeping our high-quality standard of service.

From the design and manufacture of simple components to the assembly which makes them ready for installation, every part of the process will be handled with the expertise and experience of our first rate team. If you need to assemble the finished item on site then rest assured, we can manufacture it in kit form and have it shipped to you packaged, labelled and ready for installation.

Which industries require Assembly services?

Clients from specialised industries such as the Automotive and Marine will sometimes come to us with complex requirements, including projects which involve the manufacture of a range of components and then the assembly of those components into a single solution.

What is meant by Assembly?

Assembly is a process that usually takes place at the end of the manufacturing process where a range of parts and components are combined into a final single product.

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