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Design & Prototyping

Why choose us for Design & Prototyping services?

We have the facilities to accommodate for a wide range of clients needs, no matter what stage a project has reached when they come to us. Some clients arrive with an initial concept or rough drawing, which we then hand over to our CAD/CAM team - who create a detailed 3D design. Others arrive with a more detailed plan and we work closely with them, utilising our factory floor experience and time-served expertise to refine and improve the design until it delivers exactly what they are looking for.

The full-service nature of our delivery means that project management is simplified via a single point of contact, and our commitment to using the key design software – in Catia and Solidworks – means that clients are recieving an effective service. Our use of a bar-coded system means that every component we work on is given a unique identity and monitored closely, from the moment an initial enquiry is made.

Why do our clients come to us for our tooling services? Query arrives, through prototyping and production and on to being despatched. At any time, the client can be given an up to the minute report on the status of each and every component.

Prestige clients return to Radshape repeatedly because they know that our services are delivered by expert technicians using the latest technology. They also know that we offer the complete in-house service – from design and prototyping through to manufacture – we design at all times with the effectiveness of the end product in mind.

What can we provide you with?

We provide a wide range of skills and equipment meaning we are ideally placed to offer design and prototyping solutions. Our CAD/CAM software, utilising Catia and Solidworks forms the foundations of a great design. Using our 3D printer, we can go a long way to proving the feasibility of prototype designs.

We have experience of producing prototypes from the earliest of sketches and concepts through to highly complex and detailed CAD/CAM designs. An experienced workforce can use their skills with steel, aluminium brass and stainless steel to laser cut, form, weld, bond and assemble.

If your company is looking for a design that can be relied upon to deliver excellence and value; get in touch with us today.

What does Design and Prototype mean?

One of the first stages of a project is the Design/Prototype of the product, it’s deciding how the particular product will look and work. No matter what the nature of a project is, these stages are vital to successful completion. A great design sets the template for effective manufacture and can be referred back to throughout the project, in order to ensure that every aspect is still moving in the right direction.

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