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What Fabrication Services can we provide?

Either from supplied drawing or when a client comes to us with a concept, our CAD/CAM department can turn that concept into a detailed 3D plan. Working with a range of materials including brass, steel and aluminium enables us to produce every type of component, from delicate high precision automotive parts to large scale items like fuel tanks, cabinets and body panels.

What can our services be used for?

Whether a component is strictly functional in nature or has to be aesthetically pleasing as well makes no difference, our services have been delivering results for prestige motor vehicle manufacturers for many years.

Using whichever of our facilities is needed, we can create diverse products ranging from brackets, chassis, crash barriers and oil tanks to visually stunning
badges and brightware.

What is meant by Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of manufacturing a product or component from a number of types of sheet metal. Processes can include Bending, Cutting and Assembling.

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