Sheet Metal Polishing

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Why choose Radshape for Metal Polishing?

Our clients value the purpose-built polishing facilities that we offer. Combining the latest metal polishing technology with a team made up of experienced craftsmen committed to delivering excellence.

From the use of brightware cut motion polishing that delivers a semi-bright finish to colour motion polishing designed to create the brightest possible results, we can work to the clients’ specifications on a range of materials including brass, stainless steel and aluminium. The fact that we offer a complete in-house service to clients – from initial project planning and completed design through to manufacture – means that we can provide polishing as the final touch, simplifying project management and ensuring consistent levels of quality at every stage.

Alternatively, clients can employ us as sub-contractors, working to deliver the final polish to parts which come ready supplied.

Who have we provided our Polishing services to?

Although we serve clients from an extremely wide range of different sectors, it’s fair to say that we first became established as an industry leader when we started working with prestige automotive manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Jensen.  Bentley, Morgan and Classic Car spares soon followed, with Aston Martin being the latest high-end brand to trust us.

What is Metal Polishing?

Sheet metal Polishing is a type of metal finishing that is done to give the surface of sheet metal a mirror-like finish.

This particular method of polishing improves the look of sheet metal by making it shinier. It also removes any imperfections on the surface of the sheet metal which is related to scratches, dents or paint defects. 

At Radshape, we can offer sheet metal polishing as one of our services for a range of metals including Brass, Stainless Steel Brightware and Aluminium.

What are the benefits of Metal Polishing?

The Benefits of Metal Polishing include improving surface quality, removing surface defects, increasing corrosion resistance and strength of Sheet metal components. 

It is a cost-effective way to make components look better and prolong their life. The process can be used on both commercial and industrial sheet metals. 

The service reduces the amount of physical labour involved in finishing sheet metal components because of how quick and easy the polishing can be done - Not to mention that it is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals are used in the process.

Can Metal Polishing help prevent rust?

It's important to remember that sheet metal polishing does not prevent rust. Sheet metal polishing is something that can help you maintain your metal’s appearance. Sheet metal polishing cannot stop the rust from forming, but it can help to keep your sheet metal looking good for longer.

What is the difference between Polishing and Buffing?

Polishing is the higher quality process of using either abrasives or polishes to create a surface with higher reflective properties. Polishing will create a smooth surface by rubbing off everything that doesn't shine — this includes small scratches, stains or other impurities.

Buffing might seem similar but in fact, it's not; buffing is sometimes performed much like sandpaper, only instead of sandpaper particles the material is metal-cleaning cloth compounds (commonly referred to as buff pads). Buff pads, however, do not remove metal and therefore cannot provide a truly polished surface — only sheet specialist polisher disks and compounds can create a true polished surface.

Can you Polish Bare Steel?

Yes, bare steel can be polished using metal polishing methods. Removing any loose scales, oxidation, rusts and lubricants will yield a good-looking finish on bare steel. However, metal polishing is generally used to create a mirror-like finish on metal surfaces.

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