Metal Polishing

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Why choose us for Polishing?

Our clients value the purpose-built polishing facilities that we offer. Combining the latest metal polishing technology with a team made up of experienced craftsmen committed to delivering excellence.

From the use of brightware cut motion polishing that delivers a semi-bright finish to colour motion polishing designed to create the brightest possible results, we can work to the clients’ specifications on a range of materials including brass, stainless steel and aluminium. The fact that we offer a complete in-house service to clients – from initial project planning and completed design through to manufacture – means that we can provide polishing as the final touch, simplifying project management and ensuring consistent levels of quality at every stage.

Alternatively, clients can employ us as sub-contractors, working to deliver the final polish to parts which come ready supplied.

Who have we provided our Polishing services to?

Although we serve clients from an extremely wide range of different sectors, it’s fair to say that we first became established as an industry leader when we started working with prestige automotive manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Jensen.  Bentley, Morgan and Classic Car spares soon followed, Aston Martin being the latest high-end brand to look us.

What is Metal Polishing?

Polishing is the process in which the surface of a particular metal is enhanced and smoothed. Polishing is performed with a number of varieties of abrasive, the condition of the material that will be polished determines which kind of abrasive. The range of metals we can polish include brass, stainless steel brightware and aluminium.

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