Press Braking

What can we offer you?

Because we deliver a full, in-house service we’re able to provide press braking solutions, offline programming and hard forming for clients no matter what stage of a project they are at when they come to us. Advanced plans can be utilised immediately or our CAD/CAM technicians are on-hand to draw up plans from initial concepts.

The press brakes we use in our purpose-built facility are TRUMPF’s V Series hydraulic CNC press brakes. These are recognised globally for delivering flexible, efficient and effective part bending. Features such as a unique die shifting capability, intelligent 6-axis back-gauges, and optional ACB ® (Automatically Controlled Bending) help to make the V Series the press brakes which industries around the world turn to when they want nothing but the very best. Here at Radshape, we’re able to form up to 130t over 3m.

What is Press Braking?

Press Braking commonly referred to as forming is a way to fashion products by reshaping them without discarding any existing material or adding extra parts. The metal is plastically reshaped by a force that exceeds the material yield strength where strain hardening occurs.

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