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What Welding Services do we offer?

The welding facilities that we offer our clients are a prime example of our commitment to flexibility, excellence and continuous improvement. Whether they come to us needing intricate fine welding on components that will be highly visible or are extremely safety critical, coded welders or heavy welding on larger structures such as the chassis of a motor vehicle, clients can be sure that we’ll have just the right combination of high-tech equipment and experienced technicians needed to deliver their requirements in full.

Why choose us for welding Services?

Our ability to work with a range of materials including mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and brass, combined with the fact that we handle projects from beginning to end if need be, means that we can take on whatever welding requirements our clients come to us with.

Our purpose built welding facility is equally able to handle Free Issue components and welding which forms part of a full production, and we can handle everything from the smallest bracket to large-scale fabrications and assemblies.

What is meant by welding?

Welding is the process of joining metal parts through the application of heat. A number of Metals including Aluminium and Brass can be welded. There are variety of different welding processes and we offer the following in particular:




Spot / projection




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